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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wealthy wonderland---the car-free small town in Switzerland

There is a car-free small town called Murren which located at the Alpine foothills near Jungfrau in Switzerland, famous at the wealthy people who want to travel or live in peaceful place and far away from the air pollution, moreover, have the chance to ski is the best choice. Not only that way, the local people have worked so hard to make this town beautiful, clean and heritage possible including clear spring, waterfall, snow mountain and woodlands.

The residents who living in car-free small town doesnt means they do not have the abilities to hold private cars instead of parking it on the hill while up and down by the train, cable car and electric vehicle, the household garbage transferred to the other place also like that as it is.
More interesting is, the air from the town has been make as into a bottle as the pure air goods in Swiss to sold a bottle of airs price sells for 30 Swiss francs especially in wealthy.
There is still some electric cars served for the residents as a cargo carrier or in emergencies. But visitors still wondering where the energy resources comes from to meet the needs of local people. Then they found the answer from some solar energy power panels in train station of Murrens. Most of the daily energy comes out from these panels since 2014.

There are lots of small town like Murren in Swiss called as car-free town, it harmonious with the nature but depends almost solely on the tourist trade well and attracts more and more wealthy people living and travel in than other places.
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