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Monday, February 13, 2017

Dating costly in UK's single people

Have you ever or being effected by Brexit, what the most Ive heard about UK is the influences in economy when my friend mentioned they work in London. But some people still wondering difference between England and other countries in singles dating especially in costs, so I have tried to got some survey about that to showing.

Recently, a new study shows that the single people in UK costly over 5.7 billion dollars in terms of getting a date, the Daily Mail reports. Besides, the consumption of date in UK increases from one year to the next. The survey found the average amount spent on dating over 179 dollars each time including dressing up, preparing gifts, make up and hair style. To our surprise, entertainment, dining and drink make up the biggest expenses when singles dating equal to 98 dollars.

The survey also declared that the singles dating expenses in UK have spent a lot  more than other countries on the European continent even more than three times in German. Whats the reasons for so expensive dating cost in England?

As far as I am concerned, many local businesses could benefits from it due to the increasing number of the single dating people after Brexit.
Many people live a single life avoid to marry but enjoy dating with others felt reasonable.

Another reason caused singles unwilling to get married is the heavily burden since they entered college and paid loan off after be employed.
Someone also think that is a suitable way to live a better life if they meet kind of wealthy person even fall in love, but they are suffering for lack of the way when they preparing.
While, where is a will, there is a way.
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