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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The reason for some IT engineers being single.

We think the IT engineer is one of pretty important founders in the period of Mobile Internet but dont mind on the situations that there is a fair amount of single IT engineers still struggle in living alone and hardly to change it by their own even though they want to change on some level. Work in a job as IT engineer should be considered high-paying job nowadays especially in silicon valley, our motherland, free from the economic reasons being single in mostly engineers. 

Here we will discovering what the other factors which lead to that peoples being single for a long time.As matters stand presently, trust it or not, woman in position of IT engineer still at a distinct disadvantage, people often lacked of sleep and felt so tired after they put them self into the IT industry also want have great results on that. It is not the typically work system but look the inspiration in projects as the important one based on various of the different one. Some people want working all day long while part people more preferring working in the midnight caused by the unsure blast time of the inspiration in their brain. So it is hard to match the lovers daily life and happened the disharmony voices more easily, that is to said that more dangerous in love relationship than other single people who work in different kind of jobs.

Meanwhile, most of the IT engineers be control by male caused by high-pressure and unsteady work times, more strangely, woman work as IT jobs is rarely so that you could hardly to find a female in kind of IT companies. Thats the second reasons.

 More interesting is here are some people once said that IT engineers only dating online or use the software made by them self to find a matched girl to jumped from the single life. Meaningful!

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