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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Being single always a bad thing? Scientist:NO

The single people can be irrevocably pressure from their daily life from their friends, boss, family members and so on when the same age people who have married when they very young but singles still alone. Since several years ago, in US, where the single young people tend to dating freely and determined by their own, has been called as the paradise in single people as somebody known that. Some conceptions has changed, generally speaking, the ideas of settle down, marry, have a baby are trying turning to the different way than before by the new generation in US, the increasing number of people who hold their first wedding ceremonys age has stretch into middle age rather than when they are young and hit to the high record.

Over half of the people who were born after than 1985 felt infeasible to get married before 30 years old. Thats the period of single people nowadays than any time before.
Would it be a such a bad thing?
Bella Deborah, the professor and researcher comes from university of California, Santa Barbara, said she felt regret for the lack of professional survey data among psychology, personal finance, emotional conditions in single people.

Most of the survey which aimed at the singles was focus the basic profile on the married one, singles data just act as a role of object in controlled experiments. The preconceived notions in single people lonely life be looked as a partial opinion and also covered the truth advantages in alone.

That survey from Bella shows the opposite even the advantage in single peoples life and explained it exactly. In shes eyes the singles fulfill with the courageous and tough that made their own life better and seems meaningful.
The survey also declared that single people have owned more friendly social circles than married one due to they have the enough time paid more attention on that and did it better.
Nowadays, the residents in US have more chance to make own life better than any other period before, so why dont we make it better?  
While some people being single didnt based on their subjective views but lack of time and energy in dating caused by their heavy work and endless overtime.
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