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Thursday, February 16, 2017

A film match for single people-The Perks of Being a Wallflower

There is no doubt that Emma Watson amazed us always in her films as well as the past period when we were young students, fulfilled with passion and living in the world of fantasy that made by yourself, like an adult in thinking and doing but few really know. And wishes have a deeper relationship with the people who you adores for a long time or love at the first sight, come with all kind of the emotional and moods ups and downs living through our teen years even full of sad and ridiculous situations and so on but thats the meaning of it.

Here we are introduced another kind of the feature film named The Perks of Being a Wallflower which directed by Steve Chbosky and based on real events happened in US to single people. It is about some puzzled things and thoughts happened in a introvert teenager name Charlie and he noted it on the diary to showing us what the teens faced and considered problems including sex, drugs and value of life also involve gay.
Charlie is a guy who are outstanding in his education but awkward in his sociability while things have changed when the older students, Sham and Patrick, half brother and sister, came into his world and carry him living through a different time than before, they experienced the new friendships, first love and dating with others, the embryonic staged sense of sex and the crazy parties.In the meantime, Mr Anderson, the teacher of Charlie has take him into a new world of literature and root in the dream of writer.

While things always go on beyond our expectations, with the bosom friend suicides of Charlie and aunt death by accident, he felt standing on the verge of collapse, it give us a call that happy and sorrow like a coins different side but still exists when our go through the period of teens and walk into adult.

Felt lonely is common in everyones mind, choose the people who worth what will you pay is the key of the film, also mentioned some single people what should they do are preparing and sitting on a position of waiting when that one appears rather than love at the first sight with others.

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