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Monday, February 27, 2017

The reason for some Chefs being single.

The first impression in mine for chef is honorific for what their incredible cooking skills and imaginations on dish to help us enrich the taste feeling than before. More seriously speaking, that job bring a big advanced in human civilization by cook. While some of the chef stay in the status of single for a long time, here we talk about it:

Even chef be listed as a professional job for a long time and sustained since the ancient times but still fulfilled prejudice from somebody, in their opinions, chef do not involved much more professional skills and anyone who have the equipped healthy conditions can do that well. What they did every day is to meet the people s basic needs while helpless to the advance in civilization.
The medium salary is the second factor for the habitual prejudice, unless to be a famous chef in hotel or signed yourself as a brand like Jamie Oliver could support the rich life ways.

People enjoyed the meals under the cooking from chef especially in vital holidays like Valentines day and so on, sitting in front of the table at the restaurant and enjoyed the dish and wine with your partners, easily to forgot the people who made the delicious one stay in the narrow and noise kitchen while want make dishes have the best impressions to guest.

Chef is hardly have a long vacation except be fired, it also means rare time to their own family members in the vital holiday, for the responsibilities of their own.
This is some factors caused that people being single, and Im wondering how the handle it balanced if you are single people now and struggled in work and life.
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