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Monday, January 23, 2017

Wealthy tax haven-U.S

For long, the government of United States always criticize other countries and regions for a certain convenience in tax evasion as what they made, but in recently years thing have changed that many wealthy prefer to transferring their wealthy into America, it seems like that the traditional tax heaven including Switzerland not be welcome but U.S has become the new wonderland.

The U.S is reportedly rejected to sign and Common Reporting Standards from the OECD caused lots of foreign wealthy regard that states as the new place to hidden their wealth far away from the motherland, many people has been appointed from whether lawyers in London or employees of trust companies in Swiss to help their clients transfer assets from Bahamas, British Virgin Islands and other places into U.S.
Andrew Penney, the editor of Rothschild Europe has hold a lecture to sharing the methods when they want to tax evasion and appointed the have the ability to providing convenience for wealthy people who need transfer wealth to U.S rather than storage in motherland to keep separate from taxation.

And the reason that what people did is the official of U.S lack of ways of overseas wealth taxation and they are uncomfortable doing. And on the May, 2014, Switzerland agree to sign the new Common Reporting Standards from the OECD so as to open the foreign clients banks books to the relevant agencies. It means that the period was ended for Swiss financial institutions keep and safeguarding clients privacy rightfully, at the same time, the private accounts that there have more than 2.2 trillion dollars be pour out to public through legal ways.
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fit to wealthy, Sydney list on the most expensive cities that settle down

According to Relocation Price Index published from the show that Sydney placed seventh on the top 9 of most expensive cities when you settle down.
Movinga, a platform in business relocation service, studied and found that Sydney placed seventh on the top 75 of most expensive cities when settle down in the world, relatively strong performances. The first month after you settled there will expenses over 2,866 Australian dollars in daily life, while the AUS second largest city Melbourne need paid over 2,415 Australian dollars to hold the daily life and the city placed in 18th out of 75 cities. There also have lots of the main cities in AUS no advancement into the list including Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and so on.

The first months expenses when settled down in Sydney are consist of rent a one-bedroom apartment at downtown, handle a private SIM card and personal network traffic, costs of public transportation and food consumption.
For a look at the top 9 most expensive cities when settle down, we known that the top one city Luanda is in a developed country. Its possible that the living costs in that kind of city should not expensive like that in common sense. Somebody said the civil war happened and continue over 30 year so as to most of the infrastructures be damaged but repaired it slowly.

The other cities placed on the top 9 list almost are developed countries and regions attract more and more wealthy people immigrant as the destination.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wealthy wonderland---the car-free small town in Switzerland

There is a car-free small town called Murren which located at the Alpine foothills near Jungfrau in Switzerland, famous at the wealthy people who want to travel or live in peaceful place and far away from the air pollution, moreover, have the chance to ski is the best choice. Not only that way, the local people have worked so hard to make this town beautiful, clean and heritage possible including clear spring, waterfall, snow mountain and woodlands.

The residents who living in car-free small town doesnt means they do not have the abilities to hold private cars instead of parking it on the hill while up and down by the train, cable car and electric vehicle, the household garbage transferred to the other place also like that as it is.
More interesting is, the air from the town has been make as into a bottle as the pure air goods in Swiss to sold a bottle of airs price sells for 30 Swiss francs especially in wealthy.
There is still some electric cars served for the residents as a cargo carrier or in emergencies. But visitors still wondering where the energy resources comes from to meet the needs of local people. Then they found the answer from some solar energy power panels in train station of Murrens. Most of the daily energy comes out from these panels since 2014.

There are lots of small town like Murren in Swiss called as car-free town, it harmonious with the nature but depends almost solely on the tourist trade well and attracts more and more wealthy people living and travel in than other places.
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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wealthy exclusive-the double prices of U.S investment immigration than before

As the world first powerful country, United States of America,  has always keep capturing the attention from other countries rich people especially in developing and economic going well countries. More and more millionaires remove to U.S through legally immigrant policy called EB-5,Immigrant Investor Program which carried out in public by the U.S government.

But how things have changed, the Homeland Security Department of U.S has published the advice of modification of EB-5 and trying to enhance expenses from half a million dollars to 1.35 million dollars, reached to 1.7 times than before since 2017.
People who passed the EB-5 have permanent residency in the U.S including their couple and minor children in law, it is enormously appealing to other countries rich and wealthy people before,but it seems like only wealthy could have the abilities to take that program because not only they need paid out the immigrant funds but also have the extra money to expenses after they arrived.

There are many people try to pass the original EB-5 before the actually perform the new one so as to save a lot.
More attention about it,there are some frauds based on these situations always existing some years. In the end of last year, the SEC brought an action against a lawyer in California who was charged with embezzled large funds from the wealthy customers which attend to the EB-5 program to bought personal yacht and business. SEC firmly believed it as a serious fraud allegations as he made.
Nevertheless, theres still some opposition about the EB-5, they thought look the immigrant right as a tool of make money are  unjustifiable and demand to improve urgently.

But the only thing we can learn is foreign wealthy people do not stop their immigrant way to U.S.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ATM Ski-thru set in ski resort in Canada serve for wealthy and common visitors.

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce(CIBC) has introduced a service called ski thru that placed in a ski resort named Roundhouse lodge to help the wealthy and common visitors to get cashes as soon as possible.

 The place that ATM set in has achieved an altitude of 1,850 meters on that mountain, the weight of machine over 2.12 tons and the height of that over a strong man reach to 2.6 meters.
But theres still a question about it that people could hardly to operating it especially the ATM put on the open field and the visitors wearing heavy clothing and warm gloves when they need the service. While the producer already had been largely factored into the machine, they prepared pothooks and shelf to hold the ski poles,gloves and other things which belong to the the guest. Besides, the heating device work 24 hours a day to keep the guests warm when they took off the gloves and operating machine to get cashes as usual.  Its said that some of the businesses only receive cash rather than all kinds of credit card when visitor pay the bill.

Somebody think it is reasonable that the official of CIBC will charged the extra fees when people get cashes on Roundhouse lodges ATM, because CIBC need paid more attention on it including daily maintenance, professional caring team and technical support.
Nevertheless, to our surprise, the official of the bank declared the fee scale of that is same as the other ATM which belong to CIBC in Canada and it will keep service for the visitors throughout the 2017s ski season on that mountain.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Attention more! A growing number of phishing scams happened in Australian wealthy and common PC users.

This is not new for phishing scam happened in our daily life, people always heard some information about it from TV, Internet and News even once happened in yours. Its not restricted by regions due to the Internet connected the whole planet and viruses-like spreading model online to caused damage and disaffection among the user whether wealthy or commons.

The situation like that are getting more severe during this period in Australia and the corresponding means of fraud is used after an item of business arises.
Meanwhile, the hacker built some very realistic but fake websites which simulated from the AUS business even official and posted to different E-mails or social media terminal users.

For a look at some typical cases which was happened in AUS, check this out.

     Left: Real               Right: Fake

This phishing scam cheated over ten thousand AUS users in the last year, listed itself as common e-mail delivered from AGL, an electricity provider in AUS, and it only simulated real AGLs logo and color but also copied module of popularization. Whats important is that its a forged personal bill and including a permanent link on that to make user put in CAPTCHA and a malware was download in your PC after click it.

The malware named ransomware, which could lock all of your data in your PCs after you open it. And shows tip for user: Pay $US640 to buy Decryption and get all your files back, if not, disappeared forever.
Even more distressing is there are only two way to choose: pay the ransoms or refresh PC again, said from the network security specialists.

Here are the same situations happened in other websites including Ticketek, Australian Tax Office, Commonwealth Bank, Australia Post, Netflix, Paypal even Federal Circuit Court of Australia.  

Attention: Trust or not, one side are fake in every picture.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Attention!Costs of the bad habits whether wealthy or commons in different countries.

What should you note here is that the Bloomberg Vice Index doesn't means support to any kinds of babbittries and illegal actions.

According to the "Bloomberg Vice Index" shows that there are quite a big gap on the vice expenses including drugs, intemperance and smoking between wealthy and commons in different country.

The Index assembled over one hundred countries and regions vice habits' price about tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and amphetamine opioid drugs and compared with that price in U.S. The vice expense in U.S taken up a third of weekly income almost $400, but it can also costs you merely $41.40 in Laos.
Meanwhile, as the most expensive on that, immense paid over $1441 in Japan to get it and followed by New Zealand and Australia.

The price vary widely from different countries and regions mainly depend on the distribution costs, it help to keep the costs down if close to origins but Japan is an exception, said from Peter Routers, the professor from school of public policy in University of Maryland.

Here we list at the top 50 most affordable countries and regions of the vice habits below:

While the alcohol and cigarette could reflect the local taxes rates.
The low income consumers more likely choose Marlboro's and drinking Heineken instead of other but they might another brands which paid less actually. But the wealthy people do not care about this probably.
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Exclusive wealthy mansions sold in 2016.

From the views of Daily Mail known that the trend of top mansions property transactions in 2016. Some of the extreme luxury one be evaluated over one hundred million but still hot in wealthy club. Let's review it.

The peach garden, a traditional Chinese style's mansion ans to meet the dream of Chinese wealthy, which have concluding over 36 luxury bedrooms and surrounded by an artificial lake, it based on the traditional architectural aesthetic to got over giant yards and vertical landscapes. Price over 154 million Australian dollars sold out in 2016.

There are another mansion which located in Hong Kong's wealthy living area, and sold out price as 270 million Australian dollars in last year.

In Dallas, Texas,U.S, the mansion called Crespi Hicks Estate was sold out to a secret wealthy buyer, he keep something secret but only said paid over 100 million Australian dollars on this.

The mansion at Holmby Hills district sold out as 100 million Australian dollars last year, the owner nowadays said that worth of it especially in the luxury backyard could hold a nice party when the midnight comes.

The super penthouse which located at park avenue 432, New York has been attracted many wealthy since it built, the unique location and optimal view. It's the third tallest skyscrapers and also has the tallest residential building in U.S.

 North ,Carolwood Drive 301, Holmby Hills district, Los Angeles city, Tom Gores, the owner of the Detroit Pistons, paid 100 million Australian dollars as the mansion's owner too, Barbra Streisand once have been the mansion's owner.
That have 10 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, recreation rooms,bar,cellar and the host's suite are over 5,300 square foots.

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