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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wealthy exclusive-the double prices of U.S investment immigration than before

As the world first powerful country, United States of America,  has always keep capturing the attention from other countries rich people especially in developing and economic going well countries. More and more millionaires remove to U.S through legally immigrant policy called EB-5,Immigrant Investor Program which carried out in public by the U.S government.

But how things have changed, the Homeland Security Department of U.S has published the advice of modification of EB-5 and trying to enhance expenses from half a million dollars to 1.35 million dollars, reached to 1.7 times than before since 2017.
People who passed the EB-5 have permanent residency in the U.S including their couple and minor children in law, it is enormously appealing to other countries rich and wealthy people before,but it seems like only wealthy could have the abilities to take that program because not only they need paid out the immigrant funds but also have the extra money to expenses after they arrived.

There are many people try to pass the original EB-5 before the actually perform the new one so as to save a lot.
More attention about it,there are some frauds based on these situations always existing some years. In the end of last year, the SEC brought an action against a lawyer in California who was charged with embezzled large funds from the wealthy customers which attend to the EB-5 program to bought personal yacht and business. SEC firmly believed it as a serious fraud allegations as he made.
Nevertheless, theres still some opposition about the EB-5, they thought look the immigrant right as a tool of make money are  unjustifiable and demand to improve urgently.

But the only thing we can learn is foreign wealthy people do not stop their immigrant way to U.S.
As we all known people who married with a native Americans will have a permanent residency in U.S, shall we?
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