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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ATM Ski-thru set in ski resort in Canada serve for wealthy and common visitors.

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce(CIBC) has introduced a service called ski thru that placed in a ski resort named Roundhouse lodge to help the wealthy and common visitors to get cashes as soon as possible.

 The place that ATM set in has achieved an altitude of 1,850 meters on that mountain, the weight of machine over 2.12 tons and the height of that over a strong man reach to 2.6 meters.
But theres still a question about it that people could hardly to operating it especially the ATM put on the open field and the visitors wearing heavy clothing and warm gloves when they need the service. While the producer already had been largely factored into the machine, they prepared pothooks and shelf to hold the ski poles,gloves and other things which belong to the the guest. Besides, the heating device work 24 hours a day to keep the guests warm when they took off the gloves and operating machine to get cashes as usual.  Its said that some of the businesses only receive cash rather than all kinds of credit card when visitor pay the bill.

Somebody think it is reasonable that the official of CIBC will charged the extra fees when people get cashes on Roundhouse lodges ATM, because CIBC need paid more attention on it including daily maintenance, professional caring team and technical support.
Nevertheless, to our surprise, the official of the bank declared the fee scale of that is same as the other ATM which belong to CIBC in Canada and it will keep service for the visitors throughout the 2017s ski season on that mountain.

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