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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wealthy and commons passengers' nightmare--aeroplane's delay.

It's badly when you plan fly to other destination by aeroplane but hearing the delay inform from the broadcast, whether wealthy choose first-class cabins or commons order economy-class, will felt bored because waste the extra time.
People who comment on the airlines based on varieties of facilities in aircraft and quality of service, the more important is the rate of delay due to it would effect on the next of your personal scheduling, maybe you will miss an vital meeting or missing the next connecting flight even later. Absolutely nightmare.
Key to avoid this situations that pay more attention to best and worst airlines in the world before start your journey.
Choose reliable airline could decline the risk of delay into 15 percent, if not, access to 55 percent.

Flight Stats, airline survey company, produced a list that top 10 of best on time international airlines every year, the list are based the each airline's delayed and canceled data within a year.

Release the worst top 10:

10.Hainan Airlines(China)
9. Korean Air
8. Air China
7. Hong Kong Airlines
6. China Eastern Airlines
5. Asiana Airlines
4. Philippine Airlines
3. Air India
2. Ice Land Air
1. Israel Airline

Here's the detail:

Release the best top 10:

10. Qantas Airlines
9.  LATAM Linhas Aereas
8.  Delta Airlines
7.  Singapore Airlines
6.  ANA
5.  Austrian Airlines
4.  Qatar Airways
3.  JAL
2.  Iberia
1.  KLM

Here's the detail:

Jim Hetzel, one of the charge in Flight Stats, has said it's difficult to get the accurate data, we put all of the information together and analyzed carefully, and we found there have great improved in airlines enforce the airline business' strength to compete with High-speed train and shipping.
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