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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fit to wealthy, Sydney list on the most expensive cities that settle down

According to Relocation Price Index published from the show that Sydney placed seventh on the top 9 of most expensive cities when you settle down.
Movinga, a platform in business relocation service, studied and found that Sydney placed seventh on the top 75 of most expensive cities when settle down in the world, relatively strong performances. The first month after you settled there will expenses over 2,866 Australian dollars in daily life, while the AUS second largest city Melbourne need paid over 2,415 Australian dollars to hold the daily life and the city placed in 18th out of 75 cities. There also have lots of the main cities in AUS no advancement into the list including Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and so on.

The first months expenses when settled down in Sydney are consist of rent a one-bedroom apartment at downtown, handle a private SIM card and personal network traffic, costs of public transportation and food consumption.
For a look at the top 9 most expensive cities when settle down, we known that the top one city Luanda is in a developed country. Its possible that the living costs in that kind of city should not expensive like that in common sense. Somebody said the civil war happened and continue over 30 year so as to most of the infrastructures be damaged but repaired it slowly.

The other cities placed on the top 9 list almost are developed countries and regions attract more and more wealthy people immigrant as the destination.

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