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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The pocket apartment for single people in Paris

Can you imagine living in the pocket single apartment which only seven square meters but could meet the basic needs as your daily routine so as to save money on rent? You might think that idea so crazy that people could hardly to living longer in that, so there is our mentions to talk about it and help you get free from the tiny single apartment.

There are some of that apartments which designed and alter by Kitoro, a construction company in China, based on a traditional and old building. With the worsening economies non-stop, it has put many peoples future in doubt so that they couldnt have the abilities to paid for a equipped well but expensive apartment. The construction company has take it into consideration based on that situation to meet the single and low-income peoples housing demand especially in some of the mega city such as Paris, the most romantic city in the world.
Even the apartment looks like simply and compact but its not simply a stripped-down one instead of functional than other house. While that kind of the space isnt too popular in Paris because most of it has been set in shelter place or attic, most of that place was used as warehouse. It was something new in the function of that space after been reconstruct by people.

As we can see from these pictures that the cabinet could divided into chests and drawers, and the desks and table could be fit in. It also including a toilet, shower and open kitchen but very small feels equipped well but simply.

In my opinion, that apartment could meet your needs when you alone, but Im wondering the time of your being single last for several months? People need be accompanied and take care, nobody wants to be lonely but suffered from the heavy burden in pay and work, if you meet a lover, most of the trouble could disappear.
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