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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A controversial dating show in UK's TV

There have been so many dating shows in different kind of the traditional televisions as well as new emerging online social media all over the world, some prefer to young people while some aimed at older people, more and more LGBT dating shows be popular after the increasing countries agree the gay and lesbian marriage have the same right as the hetero marriage in law. On the contrary, most of the people received the new types of the dating and keep away from the old one due to time could be saved by use this to search or meet even dating and determined in your scattered time when you work or do something in business.
Here we are noticed the new but old one dating show in TV, old for the broadcast way but new for the theme in the UKs channel 4 named named Naked Attraction. The theme of the dating show is naked, yes, what you read is right, naked when guests first meet and shows for watcher.  

For me, think that it is just take off the clothes to showing the great figure and strong muscle each other but things could not simple as what I think always.
Whats the core theme of the Naked Attraction is the guests must be naked without any shelter and choose someone they dont want to and the others could they chance to talk deep and into the next step. The losers will have a hug with guest and farewell. What i was wondered is did they have ever felt so shy that couldnt did it well?

They will have some questions to ask each other, but the contents of that reading by yourself are better than write by me.

The sponsor of the show explains about how did they doing is that people who have in single status but do not like this have got in trouble which the people you date just like wearing a mask so that you couldnt have the ability to known whats the truth of him/her in a short time, seems complex and difficult, so what we did is trying to represent the truth in reality.

While every coin have two sides.
There are some different voices appears including critical and approval after the naked dating shows to public.

As far as I am concerned, the show stand for the positive ways even the methods of that caused someones disagreement, but it could be as the milestone in dating world, people want and eager to know more sensitively stand for the better life after they married.
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