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Monday, January 16, 2017

Attention!Costs of the bad habits whether wealthy or commons in different countries.

What should you note here is that the Bloomberg Vice Index doesn't means support to any kinds of babbittries and illegal actions.

According to the "Bloomberg Vice Index" shows that there are quite a big gap on the vice expenses including drugs, intemperance and smoking between wealthy and commons in different country.

The Index assembled over one hundred countries and regions vice habits' price about tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and amphetamine opioid drugs and compared with that price in U.S. The vice expense in U.S taken up a third of weekly income almost $400, but it can also costs you merely $41.40 in Laos.
Meanwhile, as the most expensive on that, immense paid over $1441 in Japan to get it and followed by New Zealand and Australia.

The price vary widely from different countries and regions mainly depend on the distribution costs, it help to keep the costs down if close to origins but Japan is an exception, said from Peter Routers, the professor from school of public policy in University of Maryland.

Here we list at the top 50 most affordable countries and regions of the vice habits below:

While the alcohol and cigarette could reflect the local taxes rates.
The low income consumers more likely choose Marlboro's and drinking Heineken instead of other but they might another brands which paid less actually. But the wealthy people do not care about this probably.
Did you have considered quit vice habits if you have, we also think help from another person which have the economic strength to hold is better.

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