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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Attention more! A growing number of phishing scams happened in Australian wealthy and common PC users.

This is not new for phishing scam happened in our daily life, people always heard some information about it from TV, Internet and News even once happened in yours. Its not restricted by regions due to the Internet connected the whole planet and viruses-like spreading model online to caused damage and disaffection among the user whether wealthy or commons.

The situation like that are getting more severe during this period in Australia and the corresponding means of fraud is used after an item of business arises.
Meanwhile, the hacker built some very realistic but fake websites which simulated from the AUS business even official and posted to different E-mails or social media terminal users.

For a look at some typical cases which was happened in AUS, check this out.

     Left: Real               Right: Fake

This phishing scam cheated over ten thousand AUS users in the last year, listed itself as common e-mail delivered from AGL, an electricity provider in AUS, and it only simulated real AGLs logo and color but also copied module of popularization. Whats important is that its a forged personal bill and including a permanent link on that to make user put in CAPTCHA and a malware was download in your PC after click it.

The malware named ransomware, which could lock all of your data in your PCs after you open it. And shows tip for user: Pay $US640 to buy Decryption and get all your files back, if not, disappeared forever.
Even more distressing is there are only two way to choose: pay the ransoms or refresh PC again, said from the network security specialists.

Here are the same situations happened in other websites including Ticketek, Australian Tax Office, Commonwealth Bank, Australia Post, Netflix, Paypal even Federal Circuit Court of Australia.  

Attention: Trust or not, one side are fake in every picture.

The key of what should you do is on the alert when you received e-mails or informs from the Internet whether wealthy or commons.
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