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Friday, February 3, 2017

Wealthy passenger's crib for their baby set in plane in 1953

 It has been and continues to be a hot topic that the baby as the passenger in airplane, which is gaining more and more attention, and many airlines started to be more present than before in the comfort and security especially deal ways in emergency situations.
Nowadays people could hardly thought what flight attendants did when baby passenger in plane and treat them different than wealthy and common adult but seems had the excellent results at that time in 1953.
The report from Boredpanda show us that some information about it, send candy as the gift to other passengers in the same cabin from babies parents is considered to be one of the good choice in order to acquire understanding when your baby crying loudly and continue for a long time while flying.

A series of the old photo has been exposure showing us the brilliant think and solved way to meet the curiosity and needs of baby when they act as a special passenger.
The BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation), the predecessor of British Airways, prepared tailor-made cribs and fasten on broad side of luggage racks and suspended above the seats, it looks like a cradle to comfort baby and seems they enjoy and have fun from it. While something always valuable no matter time pass by and still work whether in 1953 or now, the airways said do not use it when aircraft take off and landing to ensure the safety, and parents should hold baby in arms with safe belt.

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