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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Flee from the single tax in extra.

It seems strange but some of countries has carried out in law that the new types of tax which aimed at the domestic single people who do not the willingness to married for various of reasons for a long time.

You may not agree with in what some of the governments did when you heard it for the first time,but it exist indeed.
The single tax should be looked as a policy that conforms to the trend of the times in nowadays situation, an increasing number of people inclined to avoid into marriage or marry at the mature age as soon as possible with the global economies development since the world war two, the awakening of the individual consciousness preferring to search their inner shine in travel, fight for pollution, devoted into good, challenged their own rather than into the marriage too early.

With the growing numbers of the single people, takes some of the tax from the single people has been taken into consideration.
The opinions from the supporters declare that some of the rich singles has taken too excess sexuality resources to harmful to society stable. While still wondering the truth is?
A data shows we have accessed the period of single since 2010 and spread into the different area but in developed countries enjoyed relatively strong performances, the number of people who have get married in UK has declined as low as anytime since 1860, meanwhile, one single house of people has hided every three house family in France, the singles in Berlin has taken 54% in the whole population.

The data seems its a serious society problem and hard to manage it, but in my opinion, just the trend it is. We are, human, is a society primate as well as need the communication each other, but here are something surrounded us so busy even boring that couldnt have the enough time and energy to deal and arrange the marriage well if we did in the inadequacy times, most of the people has paid more attention in his /her own work or business for their bright future, maybe what they need is a suitable chance to meet the one they preferred.
Many people have the excellent education background, good look and other perfect conditions but lack of time and chance to meet the partner as they want, moreover, the real personal profile is important.
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