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Monday, February 6, 2017

single people's health condition are getting worse than married

Positioned herself or himself as the single people and enjoy from it has a trend of popularity in more and more persons values.  Woman had been think as the most important part in the marriage and need to burden the responsibility in family after they have babies and take care carefully. Man in the marriage should paid more attention on work or business to earning more for daily life essentially, add up to their housewife far away from work has the double heavy burden on him.

While the latest research indicates that the single people is more likely a result of  touch illness than married at the same ages.
Felt unbelievable when i first heard that news due to the single people has less economic pressures and lower burden of debts than married one, and have enough time to do things and matters what they want, double times of spare time to enjoy or deep find the truth in life.
Beyond my imaginations, things have two sides always.

The researchers focus on the dietary of single and tracked over 100 days keeps going on they found that over half of the people equal to eighty percent enjoy their meals alone actually and last a long time, they do not concerned about the partners dietary, free from the nutritious meal to their child. While have deep in busy work and bored superior, prefer to prepare the enough food and ingredients for ten days even longer in supermarket, if the food could avoid be perishable as long time is perfect, what they gonna do? Packaged and cooked food they like, we worried about that food could made your healthy worse after you eat the fatty, high-salt and poor in dietary fiber.
Moreover, the rate of illness including Tristimania, Suicide and other chronic diseases is higher than others based on the research.
The people who stare at the article might is that person mentioned in it, life could be better without marriage or better.
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