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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The reason for some IT engineers being single.

We think the IT engineer is one of pretty important founders in the period of Mobile Internet but dont mind on the situations that there is a fair amount of single IT engineers still struggle in living alone and hardly to change it by their own even though they want to change on some level. Work in a job as IT engineer should be considered high-paying job nowadays especially in silicon valley, our motherland, free from the economic reasons being single in mostly engineers. 

Here we will discovering what the other factors which lead to that peoples being single for a long time.As matters stand presently, trust it or not, woman in position of IT engineer still at a distinct disadvantage, people often lacked of sleep and felt so tired after they put them self into the IT industry also want have great results on that. It is not the typically work system but look the inspiration in projects as the important one based on various of the different one. Some people want working all day long while part people more preferring working in the midnight caused by the unsure blast time of the inspiration in their brain. So it is hard to match the lovers daily life and happened the disharmony voices more easily, that is to said that more dangerous in love relationship than other single people who work in different kind of jobs.

Meanwhile, most of the IT engineers be control by male caused by high-pressure and unsteady work times, more strangely, woman work as IT jobs is rarely so that you could hardly to find a female in kind of IT companies. Thats the second reasons.

 More interesting is here are some people once said that IT engineers only dating online or use the software made by them self to find a matched girl to jumped from the single life. Meaningful!

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Monday, February 27, 2017

The reason for some Chefs being single.

The first impression in mine for chef is honorific for what their incredible cooking skills and imaginations on dish to help us enrich the taste feeling than before. More seriously speaking, that job bring a big advanced in human civilization by cook. While some of the chef stay in the status of single for a long time, here we talk about it:

Even chef be listed as a professional job for a long time and sustained since the ancient times but still fulfilled prejudice from somebody, in their opinions, chef do not involved much more professional skills and anyone who have the equipped healthy conditions can do that well. What they did every day is to meet the people s basic needs while helpless to the advance in civilization.
The medium salary is the second factor for the habitual prejudice, unless to be a famous chef in hotel or signed yourself as a brand like Jamie Oliver could support the rich life ways.

People enjoyed the meals under the cooking from chef especially in vital holidays like Valentines day and so on, sitting in front of the table at the restaurant and enjoyed the dish and wine with your partners, easily to forgot the people who made the delicious one stay in the narrow and noise kitchen while want make dishes have the best impressions to guest.

Chef is hardly have a long vacation except be fired, it also means rare time to their own family members in the vital holiday, for the responsibilities of their own.
This is some factors caused that people being single, and Im wondering how the handle it balanced if you are single people now and struggled in work and life.
If not, try to use that way we suggested.

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The reason for some of the Aries people being single.

Being single means you have more freedom but much more lonely than others when you alone in the night.
Today we will talk about the reason for some of the Aries people being a single life.

Aries is a dare love also dare hate as a bloody constellation when compared with others like Cancer. They are more preferring to hold the initiative when they find a person and love at the first sight without any hesitation,the way of confessions more likely face to face to told what they want to said to potential lover, somebody could be shocked.
Self-centered is the most disadvantage in the Aries character so that somebody felt ashamed for what Aries said in public and private places, if they meet a broken heart one, things could be goes bad. On the contrary, The Aries could be looked as the best friend owing to the simple and enthusiastic character.

The Aries people fulfill with the passion when things going on but cant insist for a long time, faced a permanent thing could challenge their patience while thing changed and flexible is beeter for them.

There are something wrong which happened in the past could be fall into the life experiences before they adult rather than deep and profound reflections whether in career or relationships,  love might be lose patience to him or her.
The final reason for that is the Aries are too simple to lost many chance in temper when they meet a suitable person but still waiting for the finally but past by their side.

Are you agree with that?
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Single people keeps lotteries and winning it after 13 years

There have a bachelor named Peter Heal, comes from Devon and 37 years old but keep single life. He once worked at Western Power as a common worker after he graduated from local university.

He was born at a single moms family and lacked the care from his mom owing to her busy work to raise him up, in his mind, he never meet his father since the period of babies, also he is the only child in this family, differ from other families which have three or four even more kids so that didnt felt lonely after school. Thats what John hoped since he was a child.
Peter keeps being single life since 24 years old when a girl refused his love and standing in the high speed way of love quit moving.
Peter keeps a habit better that shopping in the lottery betting over 13 years as the same time of being single, transfer as like it has, and from then on he stuck betting numbers in 1, 13, 26, 38, 41 and 47.

While someday in the last year, Peter was attacked by asthma so that he couldnt bought lottery at store but on Internet as the same group of numbers. After three days later his dreams came true that the group of numbers be set as the lucky one. Peter won the prize equal to three million ponds and what he face in the future is came into the marriage and have some babies.

Have a strong personal finance background is important in nowadays and future, its also the foundation of harmonious marriage and decided the number of the babies you can raised. So choose a better lover at the finance in necessary, but most of the person suffering from the narrow way of find wealthy and single people, we can help you .
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The pocket apartment for single people in Paris

Can you imagine living in the pocket single apartment which only seven square meters but could meet the basic needs as your daily routine so as to save money on rent? You might think that idea so crazy that people could hardly to living longer in that, so there is our mentions to talk about it and help you get free from the tiny single apartment.

There are some of that apartments which designed and alter by Kitoro, a construction company in China, based on a traditional and old building. With the worsening economies non-stop, it has put many peoples future in doubt so that they couldnt have the abilities to paid for a equipped well but expensive apartment. The construction company has take it into consideration based on that situation to meet the single and low-income peoples housing demand especially in some of the mega city such as Paris, the most romantic city in the world.
Even the apartment looks like simply and compact but its not simply a stripped-down one instead of functional than other house. While that kind of the space isnt too popular in Paris because most of it has been set in shelter place or attic, most of that place was used as warehouse. It was something new in the function of that space after been reconstruct by people.

As we can see from these pictures that the cabinet could divided into chests and drawers, and the desks and table could be fit in. It also including a toilet, shower and open kitchen but very small feels equipped well but simply.

In my opinion, that apartment could meet your needs when you alone, but Im wondering the time of your being single last for several months? People need be accompanied and take care, nobody wants to be lonely but suffered from the heavy burden in pay and work, if you meet a lover, most of the trouble could disappear.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

single people don't do that single woman as the film.

It seems so crowded that three woman fall in love with the same man at the same time, you may thought that it is unbelievable in reality, thus some of the professional filmmakers decided to brought it to the big screen to show us how ridiculous it is.
But here we are enough reasons to believe that some single people could meet that situation in the last or former intimated relationship and harmful so deep that being single nowadays.
Thats the reason why I introduced it to you, remember but forget it deliberately, full of confidence in the next love to far away from single life.

The other woman is a comedy which directed by Nick Cassavetes, and starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton. It is a story of a married man named Mark who doesnt have the responsibilities for their family but simulated as a single man cheated another two single woman as the role of girlfriend named Carly and Amber. His wife, Kate, has be cheated all the time until someday she found it with a broken heart. Soon Kate meet Carly. her rival, but she calm down after she realized Carly also has  the same victim like herself. And they surprised found that Amber is the third victims in this fraud so that the three woman plan detail and preparing take revenge on Mark for his cheating behavior. It is the quite clear that the woman win it and Mark has suffer punishment for what he did.

The core of that movie is the courage and generous nor cowardly when woman be cheated in love, while most of the woman appears sadness and cant get out of it after they known all the things about that. On the other hand, it shows single woman should full of confidence in next love and find it by yourself positively, finally the result wound meet you needs as what your thought.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

A increasing number of the doctor and nurse being single.

Most of us believed that things could be goes well in work and life if somebody have a good job after graduated from college especially in the way of affection and the married life. While something always beyond peoples expectation, here are some people who have a great job like doctor and nurse who have been beset by their own lack of lovers accompany being single. Hard working to heal the wounded and rescue the dying people but forced part of them live a lonely life due to the special of job lead.

Want to be a medical worker seems hard owing to learn the countless professional knowledge and passed the test in a long time before in the hospital as a residency. What they faced are some important national exam and match after they pass the period in hospital for training.
Should they paid more attention to their medical studied throughout the period of student and former time when they work as a medic so as to rare time to find a match even dating with their partner. Besides, temporal uncertainly and the emergency situations on the point off duties is another reason for that.

On the other hand, the medical worker is a high-risk job than others, what they faced every day might be dangerous and invisible than other single people that is a series of the deadly virus and contagions which put themselves in danger when patients need help immediately.
They devoted a lot even most things couldnt we found as what they did and we learned. They also need the warmth and care from the partner even husband and wifes but suffering from the narrow way to find, here we are provide a online dating site which over 2.7 wealthy and single members on that and search their lover always, try it ,medic or not, love is made by the lord.
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

A film match for single people-The Perks of Being a Wallflower

There is no doubt that Emma Watson amazed us always in her films as well as the past period when we were young students, fulfilled with passion and living in the world of fantasy that made by yourself, like an adult in thinking and doing but few really know. And wishes have a deeper relationship with the people who you adores for a long time or love at the first sight, come with all kind of the emotional and moods ups and downs living through our teen years even full of sad and ridiculous situations and so on but thats the meaning of it.

Here we are introduced another kind of the feature film named The Perks of Being a Wallflower which directed by Steve Chbosky and based on real events happened in US to single people. It is about some puzzled things and thoughts happened in a introvert teenager name Charlie and he noted it on the diary to showing us what the teens faced and considered problems including sex, drugs and value of life also involve gay.
Charlie is a guy who are outstanding in his education but awkward in his sociability while things have changed when the older students, Sham and Patrick, half brother and sister, came into his world and carry him living through a different time than before, they experienced the new friendships, first love and dating with others, the embryonic staged sense of sex and the crazy parties.In the meantime, Mr Anderson, the teacher of Charlie has take him into a new world of literature and root in the dream of writer.

While things always go on beyond our expectations, with the bosom friend suicides of Charlie and aunt death by accident, he felt standing on the verge of collapse, it give us a call that happy and sorrow like a coins different side but still exists when our go through the period of teens and walk into adult.

Felt lonely is common in everyones mind, choose the people who worth what will you pay is the key of the film, also mentioned some single people what should they do are preparing and sitting on a position of waiting when that one appears rather than love at the first sight with others.

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Being single always a bad thing? Scientist:NO

The single people can be irrevocably pressure from their daily life from their friends, boss, family members and so on when the same age people who have married when they very young but singles still alone. Since several years ago, in US, where the single young people tend to dating freely and determined by their own, has been called as the paradise in single people as somebody known that. Some conceptions has changed, generally speaking, the ideas of settle down, marry, have a baby are trying turning to the different way than before by the new generation in US, the increasing number of people who hold their first wedding ceremonys age has stretch into middle age rather than when they are young and hit to the high record.

Over half of the people who were born after than 1985 felt infeasible to get married before 30 years old. Thats the period of single people nowadays than any time before.
Would it be a such a bad thing?
Bella Deborah, the professor and researcher comes from university of California, Santa Barbara, said she felt regret for the lack of professional survey data among psychology, personal finance, emotional conditions in single people.

Most of the survey which aimed at the singles was focus the basic profile on the married one, singles data just act as a role of object in controlled experiments. The preconceived notions in single people lonely life be looked as a partial opinion and also covered the truth advantages in alone.

That survey from Bella shows the opposite even the advantage in single peoples life and explained it exactly. In shes eyes the singles fulfill with the courageous and tough that made their own life better and seems meaningful.
The survey also declared that single people have owned more friendly social circles than married one due to they have the enough time paid more attention on that and did it better.
Nowadays, the residents in US have more chance to make own life better than any other period before, so why dont we make it better?  
While some people being single didnt based on their subjective views but lack of time and energy in dating caused by their heavy work and endless overtime.
Is there have some ways to help them? Sure,darling.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The viewpoints of singles in dating between android and ios mobile user.

The newest survey which came from an online dating site shows that the single people in United States have always been critical of the dating partners mobile phone, particularly in those iphone user. Over 5,500 and the age of 18 respondents joined the survey the dating site get a conclusion that the single ios user have a widespread prejudice in android user over 21 times than common people. But a coin always have two sides, the single android people also have the negative impression to ios user over 15 times than common people due to they believed that ios user as a date means vain people than usual.

Meanwhile, the chance of success in date could decline into 56 percent if you carried an old style mobile phone and showing it to your date unintentionally. Abby Rodman, a psychotherapist in New York, said that we always seeking the harmonious and united with partner in so many ways, why do we add this? Most of us would balanced what the dating partners job, car,living and so on as the poor footnotes might be, while we also find the unison in nonphysical realms as well including political ideas, religion and basic value, she also said.

Nevertheless, there are some opinions in same as the android and ios single user that many factors should be taken into consideration, nearly 39 percent singles care if date spelling syntax error, 37 percent singles care about the cleanliness of teeth and you will be boring if your wearing out of date.

The traditional dating standards are trying to do something about it caused by the wireless mobile internet era, even somebody regard the importance of mobile phone as their gustation and paid more attention on check the syntax repeatedly, but I do not agree with that.
Here we are, shall you change ways in dating if failed or bored in the traditional, but most of us care about the reality personal information of dating partner.
In my opinion, find a suitable person as the partner could help you a lot when you need help in financial or emotional,but some of us have suffer from the narrow way to meet that people.
Here are some ways that could meet the needs in make friends with wealthy people including meet in the airplanes first class cabin, join club or party, but will expense a lot.
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