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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Single people keeps lotteries and winning it after 13 years

There have a bachelor named Peter Heal, comes from Devon and 37 years old but keep single life. He once worked at Western Power as a common worker after he graduated from local university.

He was born at a single moms family and lacked the care from his mom owing to her busy work to raise him up, in his mind, he never meet his father since the period of babies, also he is the only child in this family, differ from other families which have three or four even more kids so that didnt felt lonely after school. Thats what John hoped since he was a child.
Peter keeps being single life since 24 years old when a girl refused his love and standing in the high speed way of love quit moving.
Peter keeps a habit better that shopping in the lottery betting over 13 years as the same time of being single, transfer as like it has, and from then on he stuck betting numbers in 1, 13, 26, 38, 41 and 47.

While someday in the last year, Peter was attacked by asthma so that he couldnt bought lottery at store but on Internet as the same group of numbers. After three days later his dreams came true that the group of numbers be set as the lucky one. Peter won the prize equal to three million ponds and what he face in the future is came into the marriage and have some babies.

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