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Friday, April 21, 2017

Dating with a millionaire,rich people, glitterati is a good way when you in financial trouble.

We already heard that online dating is a popular ways especially in young people, and with the fast development in that filed more and more different themes dating sites appears in search engines results.
In my opinions, dating millionaire online is a unusual thing if you have spare time when we struggled in daily life but still being single, while there is a success woman as we talked about on the contrary.

Samantha, a single mom which work as a sales women in market, she living a tough life with her son before she begun to dating millionaire online, she is a sexy and good look woman and once is a man who persuaded her as a rich man lover but she refused. That man felt amazing when he heard the present work of Samantha.

Samantha tried to dating with millionaire as a work, she also have a son called Renzo and eight years old. The reason for what she did is they faced serious financial trouble, over 5 credit cards was out of service by banks. She learned that there are some single but rich man living a lonely life and want date with young woman by cash eagerly, she catch the chance and sigh up on a online millionaire dating site as a member.

Samantha trying to put her own photos on that millionaire dating site as a dating goods to attract some rich people dating with her by the man who paid the highest money as a date plan.

Samantha addicted that way to earn money after she first experienced that unusual job. She also said almost all of the dating rich man will prepared over 200 dollars as a girt when they first meet and dating, some man will prepared over 500 dollars if they need more dating times. Samantha received many luxuries, jewel and expensive goods.
More attracted us is Samantha ever persuade a rich man investment over 2 million dollars and established a company to meet more man’s dating.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Another most famous and rich single celebrities in history

The most rich single celebrity who not alone
Voltaire once said, common sense is not that common. His over hundred of the compositions like a shining star in the way of human civilization. Living with his soul mate, Emily, has over 20 years but not sighed an agreement in law for couple. Voltaire died in 1778 as a 84 years old man, even though he looked like a rich single but not alone in his lifetime.

The most tough rich single celebrity
Beethoven, a world famous musician especially in classic music and symphony until now still many people learned something from his work left. We also could thought his whole lifetime be fulfilled with painful, disabled, lonely man. After he lost his hearing still compose rather than give up his music, like a flower.

The most secret rich single celebrity
Jane Austin, the author of the famous novel in pride and prejudice, has been looked as the most secret author in her lifetime. It is said that she is a beautiful woman in that period in the other peoples eyes who surrounded and touch her no matter in first sight or frequently. But what her position in marriage is left herself alone, she have been fall in love with a man when she was a young woman, but without a result as she wished that. Some people guessed she is a lesbian and other voice came from different people, she hold that and did what she want.

The most vengeful rich single celebrity
Nobel, what leads me known about that famous man when I was a child is a yearly Nobel prize in some different but professional science area. The reason for sign Nobel, the founder of Noble prizes as the most vengeful rich single celebrity is the shortage in so many different fields of Nobel prize but lacked the Math field, it is said that Nobel once fall in love with a girl and dating for a long time, while, the girl choose married with a math scientist, maybe that is one of the reasons for that.

As far as I am concerned, as a common people when compared with these we mentioned on top, seek a excellent lover even wife or husband is more achievable, but heres lots of people lacked the methods or narrow way to seek a wealthy, glitterati or millionaire lover. Thats the reason we doing that.

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The most famous and rich single celebrities in history

The most thoughtful single and rich celebrity
Plato, be looked at the most thoughtful man in the ancient Greece, has the established man in the theory of love in spirit and still shining in the modern society. In his opinion, the love which happened between the man and woman is the most purest and summit emotion on that planet. He keep single life throughout his lifetime even though he could be thought as the millionaire man at that time.

The most advanced rich single celebrity
Leonardo da Vinci is a talented people in the ancient time shows in different but professional fields. We learned a lot from his discovery results for over hundred years. With the more and more countries and regions permit the gay couple married in law, while, Da Vinci are much less chance to experienced that but be thought as a rich gay people and being single through out his lifetime.

The most successful rich single woman
The Queen ElizabethⅠcould be honored as the glory of England, what she did at that time should be remember even nowadays is modern society. She act as a role of Queen in England when she was 25 years old, while, what she faced is a internal and external problem situations and conflicted with France. In order to keep the whole continent of England, she devoted herself to that land as being single rich queen.

The most ideal rich single celebrity
Issac Newton, a famous man in science and mentioned out some important theory in physics, as the record said that there is no evidences in Newton rich dating with any woman but devoted himself into science researches, he passed his own lifetime by own lonely, in his older period he living in the help of religion.

Even though they looks helpful a lot to human beings history, but being single even though they are rich men or women. In my opinions, seek a millionaire or wealthy dating with their admirers is a best experience in life.
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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sweden defeated elite match but being single

Sweden almost be thought as the most lonely country in this planet due to the bordered geographic location and perennial cold weather, compared with other developed country, like USA and German, it doesnt have any advantages in the size of the population.

Sweden has wined the honorable work place of elite and rich foreigners in the past ten years, it also attracted over half of million people working on that country. In foreigners eyes, what makes them work at Sweden are based on big welfare, flexible ideas in work and over hundreds beautiful scenes.
While even what they faced is a difficult situations in rich and elite dating, as the worlds highest rates in single rich people, the foreigner workers are less opportunities to meet the people they loved.

Mr. Aalto, a Brazilian working as a engineer in Sweden, has said that foreigner could easy make friends with the local people even blend in with the local life if your spoken English is good, like most of the man who ages over 30 and want seek a elite woman and into married life as soon as possible, but it seems hardly to control it even yourself is a elite singles or millionaire dating with others. It is makes me felt depressed despite I love that country so much.

It is reported that over half of the families in Sweden are consist of the single adults instead of couples and children and it like a trend pushed by a elite single culture and local value. Many single apartment been built and operating well has proved that trend, the officials survey declaimed that only 25 percents of the foreigners married with local people and settled down on that continent. It based on the single cultures have deep in their mind and difference between two countries. You are hardly meet the native people accosted others in bus, subway and train but keep silent is more common happened every day.

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