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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Another most famous and rich single celebrities in history

The most rich single celebrity who not alone
Voltaire once said, common sense is not that common. His over hundred of the compositions like a shining star in the way of human civilization. Living with his soul mate, Emily, has over 20 years but not sighed an agreement in law for couple. Voltaire died in 1778 as a 84 years old man, even though he looked like a rich single but not alone in his lifetime.

The most tough rich single celebrity
Beethoven, a world famous musician especially in classic music and symphony until now still many people learned something from his work left. We also could thought his whole lifetime be fulfilled with painful, disabled, lonely man. After he lost his hearing still compose rather than give up his music, like a flower.

The most secret rich single celebrity
Jane Austin, the author of the famous novel in pride and prejudice, has been looked as the most secret author in her lifetime. It is said that she is a beautiful woman in that period in the other peoples eyes who surrounded and touch her no matter in first sight or frequently. But what her position in marriage is left herself alone, she have been fall in love with a man when she was a young woman, but without a result as she wished that. Some people guessed she is a lesbian and other voice came from different people, she hold that and did what she want.

The most vengeful rich single celebrity
Nobel, what leads me known about that famous man when I was a child is a yearly Nobel prize in some different but professional science area. The reason for sign Nobel, the founder of Noble prizes as the most vengeful rich single celebrity is the shortage in so many different fields of Nobel prize but lacked the Math field, it is said that Nobel once fall in love with a girl and dating for a long time, while, the girl choose married with a math scientist, maybe that is one of the reasons for that.

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