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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Exclusive wealthy mansions sold in 2016.

From the views of Daily Mail known that the trend of top mansions property transactions in 2016. Some of the extreme luxury one be evaluated over one hundred million but still hot in wealthy club. Let's review it.

The peach garden, a traditional Chinese style's mansion ans to meet the dream of Chinese wealthy, which have concluding over 36 luxury bedrooms and surrounded by an artificial lake, it based on the traditional architectural aesthetic to got over giant yards and vertical landscapes. Price over 154 million Australian dollars sold out in 2016.

There are another mansion which located in Hong Kong's wealthy living area, and sold out price as 270 million Australian dollars in last year.

In Dallas, Texas,U.S, the mansion called Crespi Hicks Estate was sold out to a secret wealthy buyer, he keep something secret but only said paid over 100 million Australian dollars on this.

The mansion at Holmby Hills district sold out as 100 million Australian dollars last year, the owner nowadays said that worth of it especially in the luxury backyard could hold a nice party when the midnight comes.

The super penthouse which located at park avenue 432, New York has been attracted many wealthy since it built, the unique location and optimal view. It's the third tallest skyscrapers and also has the tallest residential building in U.S.

 North ,Carolwood Drive 301, Holmby Hills district, Los Angeles city, Tom Gores, the owner of the Detroit Pistons, paid 100 million Australian dollars as the mansion's owner too, Barbra Streisand once have been the mansion's owner.
That have 10 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, recreation rooms,bar,cellar and the host's suite are over 5,300 square foots.

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