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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Some wealthy chat reality shows which ever appearing on the screen

When I was a young girls, listening the music from the radio and everything seems alright, with the time pass without any hesitation, getting older make me think the old things and memories storing in my head. I still remembering some famous wealthy chat and dating reality shows at that time and I want show it to all of us if you want.

Let the game begin
It is a practical reality show differ from other shows, in this shows all of the player who attended is the loser in dating no matter male or female, some of them has been suffered from jokes and sneers, all of these pushed them to join the show and make it better in dating. There’s only eight players and all of them exceptionally not good at the skills in dating, what the masters did is help them operating good and refill the self confidence. Firstly, all of the competitors living at the same house and sharing their experiences each other, and they received and learned the dating skills from masters, after they learned all of the skills they will use it in reality world, in wealthy chat club, bars, and restaurants. Their performs will be recorded as evidences to get rid of the last one. The champion will received the prize as 50,000 dollars.

The taste of love
Love is the process in tasting and romantic thing better than anything. The famous hip-hop singer Flavor want seek the love which belong to him, as a famous people, many girls and women want join that competition, while, did they really for love or other things they preferred.

Newly married couples
Nice and Jessica are all of the famous super star in US, I’ve ever so crazy of them, as a new married couples they attracted many attentions from public and agree to join the reality show to sharing what the real life of them. That reality show record the real sides of them in ordinary life, wealthy chat and other hands.

Temptation island
This is a big adventure in dating reality shows, the four couples of lovers been selected from over thousands of the sweet lovers and they are been carried to a beautiful island, and the couples has been separated into the same genders, and living at the different place where at both sides of the island, more dangerous to their love is they must be date with the different opposite sex singles and change it day by day to test their love with the original lover. The results are much to our surprise.